Our Instruction

Hitting Instruction

  • Preparation (proper bat size/weight, warm-up, etc.)
  • Mechanics (stance, stride, etc.)
  • Execution (including bunting, hit-and-run, et al)
  • Mental Approach / Attitude
  • Pitch Selection
  • Hitting with power / opposite-field / switch-hitting

Pitching Instruction

  • Preparation (stretching/flexibility drills, warm-up, etc.)
  • Mechanics
  • Arm and Leg Strength / Lower and Upper Body
  • Attitude (mental approach)
  • Grips for various age-appropriate pitches

Catching Instruction

  • Proper equipment safety
  • Stance and Set up
  • Intense focus on Receiving and pitch presentation (not framing)
  • Footwork,Body usage, and transfer to all bases in all situations
  • Blocking and Recovery
  • Theory and Concepts
Along with these main topics, secondary focuses can be placed on
  • Bunt plays and footwork
  • Blocking and Covering home plate
  • Pitcher Communication
  • Glove maintenance
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