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Gift Cards

Gift Cards.


Purchase a $55.00 gift card good for Pro Shop or 1 Private 30 minute lesson. Or purchase a gift card for  $210.00 or $400.00 4 pak or 8 pak of 30 minute  lessons for that special player.

*Important information regarding the purchase of a gift cards

  • The recipient of your gift card should be the “Student” on the online registration form. You can enter “na” under the parent/guardian information if you do not have this information readily available.
  • Your registration confirmation email will act as your temporary gift card, you can stop in to RBI Sports and pick up the actual Gift Card or we can mail out to you.
  • The recipient can redeem his/her gift certificate at RBI Sports their is NO EXPATRIATION DATE with RBI Sports gift Cards.
$55.00 Gift Card good for 1 Private 30 minute Lesson $55.00
$210.00 Gift Card good for 4 Private 30 minute lessons $210.00
$400.00 Gift Card good for 8 Private 30 minute Lessons (BEST VALUE) $400.00